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Flawed Assumptions About Computer Hardware Waste Thousands at SMBs With Lost Productivity

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Many well-intentioned leaders inadvertently handicap company productivity and tech budgets through dangerous false economies, underestimating computers’ total cost of ownership.


They’ll cringe paying a premium for business-class equipment upfront, yet waste far more long-term enduring consumer laptops and desktops ill-equipped to handle real workplace demands.

The logic seems reasonable – workers mostly need tools accessing emails, documents and web apps so consumer models sporting identical core specs feel “good enough”.


However, appropriately equipped business machines easily pay for themselves via:


📈 Higher productivity – Snappier processors and business-built graphics cards crunch data faster (consumer notebook graphics cards are for gaming only), keeping workers in the flow state and not waiting on lagging software.


🔋 Longer daily uptime – Bigger batteries mean less downtime.


📉 Reduced Support Needs – Ruggedized materials withstand real-world physical wear and tear from travelling, reducing failure points.


🛠️ Faster Resolution Times – Multi-year warranties with next business day onsite service restore maximum operation velocity. You won’t have to wait weeks for a machine to be repaired and sent back to you.


Take Microsoft’s Surface Laptop line – their premium business build-quality, support model, and optimised architecture amplify Windows capabilities specifically for taxing commercial applications across data analysis, multidimensional creative tools and extremely large datasets.


Forefront uses a combination of Apple MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Laptop 5. The Surface has Apple’s build quality and can have a next business day, on-site warranty added to it. It’s also an absolute beast and handles huge workloads without breaking a sweat.


Forefront IT is a proud reseller of the Microsoft Surface product range as we only sell what we would personally use and we can’t recommend the product enough and it can tie into Microsoft Entra and InTune seamlessly.


While the upfront purchase price always appears high, limiting analysis, there neglects the complete value picture. Enterprise-grade devices more than pay their way via years of increased output, avoiding productivity frustrations that directly sap bottom lines and lengthy repair windows.


Does your company equip staff with capable, reliable tools unlocking their fullest potential? Let’s connect on elevating computer investments for maximal gain and show you a demo of what the Surface Laptop can do.