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Empower Your Staff

Your business is only as strong as your staff. Investing in IT training and skill development is key to growing a thriving business that can adapt to industry changes and drive innovation.

Modern employees value their skill development, with learning being a core motivator. You can retain top staff and improve business productivity by showing your people that you’re invested in their growth.

Your First Line of Defence

Training also helps secure your business. Employees are often targeted with cyber attacks, such as phishing scams. Even if you have a modern security system, a harmful breach can occur if your staff aren’t trained in cybersecurity.

Forefront IT understands the value of knowledge, and we can help you educate and upskill your workforce. We focus on all aspects of IT training, from basic IT office training to detailed security awareness courses, which are often required by cyber insurance companies, Forefront IT has you covered and we can even deliver weekly mini courses to keep staff up-to-date with the most recent security threats.

Investing In Training For Business Success

Retain Top Talent

Learning new skills is often prioritised above salary, with modern employees choosing forward-thinking and training-oriented businesses first. Attract and retain the best staff by making an active commitment to their careers.

Stay Secure

Avoid costly mistakes by educating your staff on common cyber threats and strategies. With the proper training, your employees become your first layer of defence and help promote a cyber-secure workplace.

Gain a competitive edge

Empowering your people doesn’t have to come at the expense of your bottom line. 
According to Deloitte, for every $1 invested in learning and development, you’d receive $4.70 in business revenue per employee. Engaging your workforce can supercharge your profits and help you win your market.

Real-world Testing

We’re committed to delivering results with our training programs, and by testing your staff’s learning with real-world scenarios, we guarantee success.

Included with our Security Awareness Training are Phishing Simulations which are completely random and staff that are tricked by them can retake the Phishing course to freshen up their knowledge. 

The weekly courses combined with the simulated attacks at any time really help ensure that staff are trained and know what to look for and they’ll feel great about being taught about the latest threats whilst your business gains the most effective form of security.