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Our Team

Our team at Forefront IT comprises passionate and dedicated individuals who are firmly committed to a personal touch. Our team’s unique blend of skills and dedication sets us apart in the dynamic world of technology. Our team is technically proficient and deeply passionate about delivering customised IT solutions that precisely meet our clients’ requirements. Our approach is simple yet effective: We delve into each client’s unique challenges and goals and provide personalised, efficient IT support.


Learn more about our team members below and their expert fields.

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Tristan Bennett-Ackland
Marketing & Content Director

Tristan Bennett-Ackland joined Forefront IT from outside the tech field to help with marketing and representing the business. Coming from client-focused roles at prestigious companies such as Tesla Motors and The Walt Disney Company, he is committed to ensuring Forefront resonates well with stakeholders and maintains a polished look online and in person.


Outside the office, Tristan's passion for learning and growth is evident. He is deeply interested in travelling and architecture, is currently studying interior architecture, and is on a journey to become quad-lingual.


His efforts to gain more knowledge in the tech world and his aspiration to work as a ‘translator’ between clients and the tech team are testament to his drive and dedication.

Lee Such
Technical Engineer

Lee is a highly skilled tech support professional with a comprehensive background in systems and network administration, troubleshooting, and Microsoft administration.


Known for her commitment to excellent customer service, Lee excels in resolving complex issues and ensuring client satisfaction. Her technical skills also include web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js, highlighting her adaptability and eagerness to tackle new challenges.


Lee is committed to continuous professional development, keeping abreast of industry advancements in network engineering, security analysis, and endpoint remediation.

Samuel Romanov
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Samuel, with over a decade of IT and cyber security expertise, began his career in the Army, where he played a pivotal role in building, engineering, and managing IT systems and networks.


Transitioning to the corporate sector, he became a key player in major Defence projects and government departments, providing oversight, leading system authorisations, incident responses, and offering advisory services to Defence leaders.


Samuel holds numerous cyber security qualifications and actively shares his knowledge through mentorship. Currently mentored by Dr. Eric Cole, President Obama’s former security advisor, Samuel is committed to continuous learning.

Jon Lim
Solution & Enterprise Architect

Jon Lim, a highly regarded business consultant, excels in operational management and leverages a background in solution and enterprise architecture.


As a technology entrepreneur, Jon has led business design and restructuring, specialising in IoT, Data Centers, and Information Technology.


His extensive IP portfolio includes Industry Evolution Modeling, Corporate Innovation Design Engineering, Data Brokering, and Data Business Modeling.


Notable CEO positions include roles at IOTDC Pty Ltd, Convergent Technology Solutions Pty Ltd, and Modular Technology Group Pty Ltd.

Jem Wagner
Reception / Admin

Jem combines her vibrant people skills from the hospitality sector with her business acumen to excel in MSP administration at Forefront IT.


With extensive experience in service management, she adeptly bridges IT and non-technical staff, enhancing team collaboration and process efficiency. Jem is passionate about using technology to improve workplace productivity and satisfaction.


At Forefront IT, she aims to integrate her client-centred approach with innovative tech solutions, fostering an environment where technology enhances both performance and joy.


Her positive demeanour and commitment to effective communication make her an invaluable asset to a company that prioritises a supportive culture and innovative practices.