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Review: Yealink WH67 Headset

It can be difficult to find Desktop Headsets that are both compatible with a range of software and/or hardware platforms natively, have terrific range, have an optional Mobile Phone Qi charger and more, but we found one.

We’ve tried many different headsets and after trying the Yealink WH67, we’ve found the Desktop Headset for us. This review is not sponsored in anyway, and we paid for the equipment tested. This is just our honest review to help you decide what’s best for your business.

The Yealink WH67 is a very elegant unit that connects to either a Yealink Desk Phone or your Computer via USB and it has native Microsoft Teams integration and we use Teams for our phone system at Forefront IT.

It has two USB A ports on its side for charging and one is fast charging. You can also purchase a Qi wireless phone dock/charger that bolts onto the side along with a Busy Light that you can put up high somewhere so people can see at a glance if you’re on a call.

The headset is very lightweight, comfortable and has fantastic range. We haven’t had any range dropouts or interference.

Aside from Teams, you can also pair your iPhone or other mobile phone to the Yealink WH67 and you can then make/receive calls through the Headset so no juggling between Teams and mobile, everything is just through the one headset.

The battery life of the headset has lasted hours and hasn’t dropped out and it is now part of Forefront IT’s standard equipment.

The microphone picks up your voice very clearly and removes background noise very well in our tests and the base unit even has a built-in speaker phone.

The headset speaker is very clear and unlike other headsets that can be quiet, we’ve never had it above 70% volume as it gets loud!

If your looking at a more modern phone system that’s very flexible and cost effective, contact us today for a chat and complimentary review of your current platform.