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Is Your Business At Risk?

Does your business have a strong cybersecurity framework? Do you have cyber security policies and procedures? Do you have industry-specific security requirements that must be enforced? Do you have cyber security awareness training? Do you have cyber insurance?


There has been an unprecedented rise in cyber attacks, and small to medium businesses are frequently targeted due to their vulnerability as they often think that because they’re small, they’re not a target, but it’s the reverse, small and medium business is the perfect target especially if they don’t take cyber security seriously.


This report from the Australian Cyber Security Centre indicates that 62% of SMBs have experienced a cyber security incident. Cyber threats are only growing, with the number of attacks and their costs increasing each year.


The average cost per attack is now $39,000 for small businesses and $88,000 for medium businesses, with businesses often subject to multiple attacks over a year.

Protect Your Business With a vCISO

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is an IT Executive who uses their years of cybersecurity experience to help your business develop and manage a holistic information security strategy. 

They understand your current technology and vulnerabilities and then combine this knowledge with their industry experience to provide the best cybersecurity solutions.

With the presence of a vCISO within your business, you can feel confident knowing that your sensitive information is safeguarded against cyber threats, without the high cost of an in-house CISO. The CISO, CIO and CFO will generally all work closely together.

Our Cyber Security Services Include

Full-Service Security Operations & Strategy

Developing a bespoke IT security program for your business is our speciality. 
You can feel secure knowing your cyber security operations are looked after by experienced experts.
We manage everything from strategy development and implementation to technology selection and policy adoption, we’re meticulous with detail and committed to your security.

Education and policy development

Educating staff on cyber risks and developing security policies is key to protecting your business. 
We empower your staff to embrace cybersecurity and build awareness around risks and best practices. 
By building cyber security into your business culture, strategies and processes are adopted successfully and championed by your employees.

Optimising your cyber security budget

Your business has a limited cybersecurity budget, so it must give you the best protection possible.
With a focus on SMBs, we know which technology vendors offer highly secure solutions that deliver value for money.
Often, we can recommend solutions that beat market prices, and we continually look for ways to maximise your budget. .

Security assessments and audits

Identifying vulnerabilities and risks before they’re exploited can save you thousands, but the confidence you gain from testing your security measures is priceless. Our regular security audits mean you build trust in your system while avoiding financial consequences and damage to your brand's reputation. .

Cyber risk and compliance

Failing to meet industry regulations can cause you costly fines, lawsuits and even dissolution. We carefully monitor risks and compliance changes that could have future consequences for your business, and ensure they’re addressed before they can harm your growth.


Save money with cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity for SMBs who are a major target for cybercriminals.

You can avoid considerable losses by investing in security early. Often, a breach can cost your business more than the security measure.


Enjoy confidence and peace of mind

While your competitors worry, you can relax knowing your business’s intellectual property is secure and safe. This frees up attention for scaling your business.


Address threats proactively

Your business will never be caught off guard by new cybersecurity threats. With regular security audits and unmatched industry awareness, you’re ready to defend yourself against attackers.


Key Advantages

According to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber crime damages are predicted to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, making network security services an essential investment for businesses.
Research by Accenture shows that the average cost of cyber crime for organisations has increased by 72% over the past five years, highlighting the growing importance of network security services.
According to a study by IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million, making network security services a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to protect their valuable assets.

According to a Gartner survey, 47% of small businesses consider digital initiatives as their top priority, highlighting the growing need for strategic technology guidance.

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