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Your Team is Your Best Defence Against Cyber Attacks

Launching a new business venture feels exhilarating. But modern startups carry technology responsibilities many founders never expected when envisioning their dream company back in the early days. As operations grow in size, scope and sensitivity, you become an inevitable target for cyber attacks seeking to disrupt your hard-built momentum.


Installing cutting-edge firewalls, deploying MFA protocols and hardening infrastructure absolutely help stack cybersecurity defences. However, even the most advanced solutions fail if the humans engaging in those systems remain uninformed about threats targeting Australian small and medium businesses daily.


According to experts, human error paves the way for a staggering 95% of cybersecurity breaches through means like:

  • Falling for phishing scams in emails requests that seem legitimate
  • Using weak or reused passwords that get compromised
  • Misconfiguring access permissions granting unnecessary exposure
  • Giving over credentials in a social engineering attack

Clearly, essential safety nets like multi-factor authentication and endpoint monitoring alone cannot protect operations if staff lack the knowledge to avoid these common yet catastrophic missteps.


That’s why forward-thinking companies realise that the most vital starting point for securing your data, devices, and bottom line involves training employees directly on mitigating risks through their daily choices.


Here are ways managers can empower employees into a powerful first line of defence against attacks rather than the biggest liability:


  • Require Regular Cybersecurity Training – By having little 5-10 minute courses every week that all staff must complete staff will be able to recognise social engineering schemes, identify vulnerabilities and uphold strong security habits.

  • Refresh key concepts quarterly given the rapidly evolving threat landscape targeting Australian businesses.

  • Conduct Baseline Cyber Aptitude Assessments During the Hiring Process – Test new hires existing grasp of core areas like spotting phishing attempts, avoiding security shortcuts and securing credentials properly with a basic cyber hygiene quiz to understand how much training they need to catch up to the rest of your staff.

Research shows companies that prioritise human-centric education and evaluation to drive security awareness show a 50-70% reduction in successful intrusions since they were engaged.


For less than $50 annually per employee, you can implement intuitive training platforms that cover dozens of hyper-relevant risk topics businesses face using interactive modules driving comprehension and also includes completely automated, random phishing email simulations to all staff to put the training into practice.


Investing in your people provides a 10X+ return on even the most advanced cybersecurity solutions because motivated staff with sound judgement cannot get outwitted easily by social engineering tactics. The ongoing professional development also increases staff morale because they’re learning and feel like they’re important within the business.


Is your team currently more of an unknown variable or key enabler upholding your cyber risk strategy? Ongoing training brings clarity while keeping threats at bay.


Reach out now to discuss options for hardening the human barrier protecting your business from breaches!